How have the needs of packaging buyers changed over the years?

While brand and packaging buyers have previously purchased supply chains in segments, today’s packaging customers are looking to merge purchases.
They are looking for suppliers that can handle low-end to high-end projects, from creativity to production to distribution.
What factors can cause this change? It all depends on efficiency and quality. If you have a segmented purchase supply chain, there is a big disconnect between each supplier. One supplier may be working on a vacuum tray while the next supplier is responsible for the complete package. The problem is that they have no connection with each other, which leaves a lot of room for errors and quality inconsistencies.
Precision is critical when we use such small errors in our packaging. Low-end to high-end suppliers have better control. This improves the quality consistency. Fewer suppliers means better control and quality.
When choosing a low-end to high-end supplier, customers typically look for three areas: creativity, quality, and on-time delivery. No one used the same packaging ten years ago. All of this is related to innovation. Most customers do not seek typical expected packaging. They want to raise the standard on their packaging so they want to know that they are working with a highly creative supplier that not only makes their vision possible, but also breaks the boundaries of creativity.
Quality is equally important. It is critical to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the quality expectations of the customer and the end consumer. From one job to the next, the quality becomes consistent.
On-time delivery is of course expected, but the definition of good distributors of the letter. Being able to meet tight turnaround times or ensuring that projects are always on time is a challenge for inexperienced suppliers. If the customer works with multiple suppliers in the mix, the likelihood of on-time delivery is even smaller. We must remember that there are many activity parts in the customer’s overall plan – release date, marketing activities, etc. This is why on-time delivery is so important.

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